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Our Story


Jesus left the church a mission to carry His message to every end of the earth. We're here to help you do it. Here is everything you need to know about us.

In 2010, God brought a group of pastors together to form friendships that would grow into a ministry partnership called "The Ministry Mechanics." Together, they all have over 40 years of full-time ministry experience in big and small churches, rural and metropolitan settings and modern and traditional styles. They love serving the "Capital-C Church" and have turned a hobby into a serious venture to equip churches and leaders and walk them through changes in vision and culture. 

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Let's get started today.

Send us an email through our system on the right or reach out individually using the following info:

Jeremy Johnson
(713) 492-5266

Chris Hughes
(713) 487-9653

Deanna Kotrla
(224) 465-9728

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