Thanks for helping us promote The Ministry Mechanics Book! We really appreciate your support as we launch this book We’re believing its’ going to help a lot of pastors and churches go from where they are to where God wants them to be.


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I’m Excited about The Ministry Mechanics: Building The Church and Equipping The Leader. I believe it will help you, your church, and your team go from where you are to where God wants you to be. Pick up your copy today! #TMMBook #TheMinistryMechanics

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this book! It’s going to be a game-changer for so many pastors, leaders, and their churches. These guys have a great heart for the local church and you’ll be encouraged by their story. Get your copy today! #TMMBook #TheMinistryMechanics

What People Are Saying (some are actual Dukes of Hazzard, some are not):

I love books that make me a better Pastor and leader. Ministry Mechanics is practical, biblical and immediately applicable into your ministry. The chapter on finding God’s dream for your ministry, is worth the price of the book.  Each chapter takes you through a progression of steps that will lead you into God’s best for your ministry. You will find tools for your walk with Christ and how to love the church you lead.
— Tony Walliser - Lead Pastor - Silverdale Baptist Church
I love optimistic leaders who have been through the fire! They inspire us to believe anything is possible. Experience like theirs reveals the ‘ministry gold’ that is only developed in the ‘fiery furnace’ from a lifetime of faithful service. Simply put, Jeremy and Chris are gold-standard leaders! The wealth of practical ministry best practices in The Ministry Mechanics - Build the Church, Equip the Leader will equip you to create a ministry that not only has immediate impact but also leaves a lasting legacy. Their collaborative efforts flows from passion to see the church revived and the culture engaged. I highly recommend this practical leadership masterpiece!
— Dale Sellers - 95Network
Jeremy and Chris cover a lot of “ground” in one book. It’s ground every church leader must plow, seed and cultivate if they hope to harvest. This book is a practical and helpful tool to produce more fruit with our labor - and written in a way that God gets all the glory.
— Ron Edmondson - Leadership Network
I am so excited about Chris and Jeremy’s new book The Ministry Mechanics. These guys not only understand leadership, they understand people.  In each chapter you will recognize you’re getting insights from real church practitioners, not church growth theorists.  Read it with a pen and paper in hand because you will get some good practical steps to help grow a healthy ministry.
— Mac Lake - Developing Leaders With Mac Lake
Rarely is a book a resume for a job. This one is. You will meet two men who believe that the church needs a fresh approach, prompted by fresh eyes. And they are right. When the bread grows stale and moldy, time for a fresh loaf. Read this, and then have a conversation with these guys.
— Dan L. Boone - President - Trevecca Nazarene University