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Ever wondered what it's like for a first-time guest to attend your church? Now you can! We utilize a tool called a Weekend Service Evaluation to evaluate every process and ministry in your church. One of our team members will visit your church and look at everything through a lens that helps you reach your goals? Ready to go multi-site? Ready to grow? Ready to make a significant programming change? Start with a Weekend Service Evaluation to get things moving in the right direction. We'll help you:

1. Determine Your Next Strategic Step

It always starts with vision. Learning what's next for your church can be a daunting discovery process. We can come along side you and help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. We'll also help you decipher the God-given vision for your church or organization.

2. Evaluate the Church

Everything from kids check-in to the message will get a look from the lens of a new person in your church. You''ll receive a full and comprehensive report on every area we assess. It may sound terrifying, but in the end, you'll find it one of the most encouraging experiences. We'll help you evaluate your current programs and compare them to the next strategic steps you want to take as a church.

3. Create an Action Plan

What's next? We'll help you create an action plan to lean into your strengths and improve on areas of weakness. Having a clear picture of current reality is one of the most important tools for any organization that wants to take the next steps in accomplishing their goals and dreams. Once we're done, you'll have tangible and concrete steps that will help you move your church forward. 

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