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Hiring new a new team member is one of the most important steps in the life of a church staff and culture. We’ve placed dozens of people into new positions and we’ve been shocked by how many churches either don’t have a job description or they have a job description that is 20 pages long. The key to an effective job description is a concise, easy to understand, and inspiring document that clearly articulates the win for any staff member. A good job description also helps an employee know what skills they need to maximize to be effective in their job. It can also be a great gateway to keeping under-qualified candidates out of the wrong position on your team.

Below you’ll find several generic job descriptions that can be easily modified in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Illustrator. Add in your church information and logo to create custom job descriptions for your team. Need help putting them together? Through our Virtual Executive Pastor service, we can help with things like creating job descriptions, developing an onboarding strategy, help clarify vision/mission/values, or help evaluate current staff roles.

Job Descriptions

Lead Pastor Job Description
Executive Pastor Job Description (coming soon)
Worship Leader Job Description
Campus Pastor Job Description (coming soon)
Discipleship Pastor Job Description (coming soon)
Student Pastor Job Description
Family Pastor Job Description
Children Pastor Job Description
Service Producer Job Description
Tech Director Job Description
Communications Director Job Description (coming soon)
PreSchool Job Description (coming soon)