Leadership Development

We love to see churches create a culture of leadership development. Need help identifying and growing great leaders?
Are you ready to promote from within? From gift assessment to HR leadership strategies, we can help craft a program that will help you
elevate leaders in your organization. We can customize a plan that fits your culture and leadership style.

1. Assessing Gifts and Culture

Some of the first steps to creating a healthy leadership culture are honest assessments of the gifts of your team and the culture of your organization. This can be a painful process, but the results will be both eye-opening and inspiring. Getting a clear and present picture of the reality of your team and organization will allow you to find areas of opportunities. We can help you build on strengths while minimizing weaknesses.  

2. Organizing the Team

Next, we'll craft a structure that will help your organization clearly define the roles of team members. We will build a living document that is easy to interact with and can grow with your organization as you grow your team. Clarifying roles and responsibilities ensures a smoother transition into the world of leadership development and increased accountability. 

3. Building a Leadership Growth Track

Finally, we'll write a customized leadership development plan for your organization. Based on your criteria and goals, we'll create a process that is fun, challenging and produces results. You'll be able to track progress and equip your team with feedback that will help them reach their full potential.