We Believe in the Church

“Maybe if you have money, health and a busy schedule, you don’t feel the need to fellowship with other Christians. But when the storms of life hit—and they will—suddenly you’ll find nobody’s there. If you remain shallow in your relationship to your local church, you will lose out on the support of other Christians when you need it most.”—Luis Palau

As long as we are human, brokenness is inevitable. It is where we choose to land is what is important. The church is filled with broken people searching for answers and the church can be the healing agent that brings about change to our world. The Ministry Mechanics believes in the church, in fact that is why our Mission is to "Build the Church, Developing the Leader."

We choose to embrace the church as a safe haven of rest and restoration. Many people however choose another way in the opposite direction for a variety of reasons.

Instead of looking for the imperfections and the cracks in the church, we should discover the benefits of allowing the body of Christ to lift you back to where you need to be. The church’s role of restoring should be simple but unfortunately not every church feels the need to assist in the healing process.

This is the church we see and we believe this is the bride of Christ that we all need to be:

We see a church that restores the wandering and broken not to the place where you were, but to a whole new level that you couldn’t have imagined for yourself.

We see a church that guides you to the next step in your journey with gentle hands.

We see a church that extends grace to those who don’t feel worthy to accept it.

We see a church that believes in you, no matter where you have been and what you have done or even how long your list of sins are.

We see a church that accepts you with your flaws and everything that entails.

We see a church that challenges but never condemns through the word of God.

We see a church that will reach out their hands and be willing to walk the extra mile with you just like the Good Samaritan did.

We see a church that will equip you, empower you and release you into service to others.

We see a church that is built on the powerful foundation of grace and forgiveness.

We see a church that realizes it’s simply a church made up of people who have been or might still be vastly broken.

We see a church that realizes that everyone in it may not always have it all together, that they are a work in progress and that’s okay with them.

We see a church and the leaders within it that will remember the scars that they have suffered and choose to lead from those same scars, rather than hide them and pretend that they never existed.

That is the church we envision. That is the people that all of us can become because we are the church. Ask yourself the question, is that what my church looks like? Is that what I look like?

Jeremy Johnson