Are You Stuck?

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You might think this title has a hidden meaning, but it’s very literal. If you are leader or pastor, you have felt the pressure of leading an organization or church and you have been stuck. You might even be stuck right now. Maybe you are unaware that you are stuck and frankly that could be the most vulnerable and dangerous place to be. You have a hit a wall and you haven’t noticed because you are so overwhelmed with the day to day of keeping the organization afloat. The lights are on and the bills have been paid one more month and you fall back into the trap of living like that again this month.

For some of you, you have run out of ideas and the things you were doing to grow the church 10 years ago are failing to work. You have been through every 40 Days of something that everyone has put out and the well is dry. You have stressed over it and you just don’t know what your next move is going to be. These are very real emotions and thoughts and I would say this is where a majority of our pastors in America today are living. I want to assure you this is not where God wants you to live, he doesn’t want you to survive another month being a leader or pastor. He wants you to thrive in your calling and change the world wherever you are planted. At the Ministry Mechanics we want to help you take your church to the next level. We don’t want your church to be stagnant and go years without producing new life. We also don't want you as the leader to be miserable. If you are a miserable leader, theres a good chance you are going to lead a miserable church. 

Here are three key questions that you need to ask yourself if you are indeed stuck and don’t know where to turn. 

1. Are You Still Called to this Church or Organization? 

Being stuck sometimes is a direct correlation to a lack of vision. The vision always flows from God, so if you feel the flow of vision has dried up, ask God for a fresh anointed vision. If you have done this, maybe the question should be am I still called to lead this place. Only God can give you refreshing, life-giving vision and He’s also the only one that answer that question. Spend some time with God alone, away from the distractions and allow God to speak into your life. This question must answered before any others are introduced. 

2. Are You willing to Change? 

This is a tough one, because as type A leaders we don’t think we have to change. We miss it by thinking that what we are doing is working. If your church isn’t growing and you aren’t seeing life change weekly, then whatever you are doing simply isn’t working. If your church has become a country club,  then the culture must change and you have to be willing to let go of some control to see that culture change. Sometimes drastic, bold risks need to be made to bring about change. Are you going to be the leader that is willing to take those necessary steps.  

3. Are you Willing to Reach out for Help? 

You can’t do this alone, sometimes you need to ask for help. That’s what the Ministry Mechanics are all about, helping churches reach their goals and true potential. You have to be willing to reach out to organizations that specialize in church growth and getting leaders unstuck. If you really feel called to the place you are serving and you are willing to change, we would love to partner with you to bring about change in your church and community. Our desire is to see leaders across the country find the sweet spot of ministry and not to be miserable. Let us help you have an impact on the Kingdom! 

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Jeremy Johnson