Ready to Plant a Church?

Thinking about Planting a Church? 5 Reasons You Need a Church Planting Coach

"We are appreciative of what the Ministry Mechanics have brought to our church. They’ve helped us with logistical issues, practical issues and helped us to think about things that we haven’t thought about before, which comes along with the experience of guys who been there and done it. Anyone who is thinking about partnering with The Ministry Mechanics, it will be the best decision that you’ve ever made.” Mark Sanford, Pastor/Church Planter- The Vineyard- Fayettville, AR

1. No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

A church planting coach will provide resources, systems and structure that you can’t find in a book. Not only will they provide these things, they will also stand in the trenches and be a hands on part of your team. There is no reason to start from scratch, when you have a church planting coach, you will begin ahead of the game. It will be a giant head start on the road to launch success. 

2. Accountability and Encouragement

It is almost impossible to plant a church without accountability. If someone tells you that planting a church is easy, they have never planted a church. You need an experienced voice that will walk with you through the challengingtimes and will also gently hold your feet to the fire. You also need someone who can encourage you in a realistic way.

3. Allows You to Focus on the Main Thing

You will have one million things to do before launch and it’s easy to lose focus and drift. I’ve seen many church planters pour all of their energy into the minutia of planting and not focusing on the main things. You have probably heard it said, major on the majors and minor on the minors. Having a church plant coach, alleviates the pressure of having to do everything. A coach will teach methods of delegation and keep you laser focused on the things that are most important to your success and growth. 

4. Experienced Sounding Board

The typical church planter has a notebook full of ideas and many times no idea how to implement or execute. A church planting coach will help you sort through which ideas will be most beneficial and helpful for your unique church plant. Remember just because another church was successful with a particular strategy doesn’t neccesarily mean it will be a home run for your plant. Coaching will provide you with experience and guidance to help find the right fit for your church. 

5. Post Launch Guidance

Church planting doesn’t end on launch day, the journey continues. You will have a new set of issues and opportunities that will be completely different from pre-launch. Once again you need someone that has been through those exciting, yet daunting waters to help you navigate. Many church plants fizzle due to the lack of planning and strategy after you get off the ground on launch day. A quality church planting coach will be able to identify potential issues before they materialize and help you install a plan of action beforehand. 

If you or someone you know is planting a church or interested in church planting, please let us know. The Ministry Mechanics provides coaching for church planters and we would love to partner with your church plant to have a successful launch. Email me at or call me at 713-492-5266.

Jeremy Johnson