Cobb Community Church Tune-Up

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Last weekend, we had an amazing time at Cobb Community Church leading a Tune-Up and teaching during their 2 weekend services. What an incredible experience. Cobb Community Church is making some huge strides as they transition from a more traditional experience to a more modern experience. Here is a quick recap video of our weekend. 

During the Tune-Up, we focused on 4 strategic areas of growth for the church:
1. Church Growth
2. Generosity
3. Volunteer Engagement
4. Outreach

The feedback we received was so kind and encouraging. I really believe we had a big impact on the culture of Cobb Community Church over the weekend. I am praying for a huge harvest of new people, givers and volunteers at their church in the coming weeks and months! They are definitely ready for God to move. Thank you Alan for your kind words about the experience!

We were able to share the message during the Sunday morning services, which was a huge treat. We shared all the details of what pushed us to create The Ministry Mechanics and encouraged the folks at their church to step out of their comfort zone both personally and spiritually. We saw at least 2 folks give their life to Christ, which was amazing. That never gets old!

3 things that stuck out about their church:
1. Their building is the cleanest church building I've been in this year! I get to see a lot of churches and this is one area that I think every church should win at. It's very inexpensive to keep a clean building. Every single area of Cobb Community Church was spotless. The entire building smelled amazing. This may sound like a small thing, but in the eyes of a visitor, this is HUGE! 
2. They had the coolest church chairs I've ever seen. Alan Daniels, their pastor, found some fabric with a cool missional background/story and used that fabric to recover his old chairs. They were fantastic. Here's a before and after (old chair on left and new chair on right):

CCC Chairs

3. So many incredible stories of life-change at Cobb Community Church. It was almost hard to believe all the stories of life-change I heard over the weekend! One by one, people kept sharing their stories and I was so encouraged and inspired by the ways that God is moving at CCC.

Thanks to Alan Daniels and the team for hosting us. We can't wait to come back and be a part of CCC again in the future. If you'd like more information on hosting us for a Tune-Up, send an email to or give me a call at 832-993-5570. We'd love to hear from you!

chris hughes