3 Last Minute Easter Tips

It's almost time for the big day. For pastors and churches arguably the biggest day of the year is Easter. It's the Super Bowl for churches all across the world. Most teams have spent months preparing for this day alone. Pastors have wrestled with their sermon and thought of ways to put a different spin on the most important story in history. 

While most of the preparations seem complete at this point, there are however some things to be reminded of leading up to Easter. Here are 3 last minute tips to keep in mind prior to Easter. 

1. Clean is Free

If guests were coming over of dinner at your house, you would probably be frantically running around trying to make sure everything looks presentable. This may require to stuff a closet full of your junk, but at least it would be unseen. The same is true at church. Guests are coming and it's time to make sure every detail has been handled. Of course, this should be a principle weekly as you have been entrusted with a place to worship God. Whether you are renting, mobile or own the whole building, clean is free and it shouldn't be overlooked. Prepare for your guests by making sure the environment is welcoming and inviting. 

2. No Dog, No Ponies

A couple of years ago I heard of a church that had a live lion on the stage in a cage during the Easter service. I thought to myself what will they follow that up with next year or even next week for that matter. We can get in the cycle of the dog and pony show without noticing. We can easily pick up the desire to one up the church across town or sometimes the "it" church in the country. Many churches pull out all of the stops with services every day of the week, sunrise service on Sunday morning, pancake breakfasts, easter events or other outreach events. Some churches even bring in special guests like Switchfoot for all of their services to attract the masses. I am all for doing anything short of sin to reach people, but I want to remind you that people are coming back the following week. What happens when the lion and Switchfoot are gone and you aren't serving pancakes the following week? I want to encourage you to be you on Easter and not something that doesn't fit the real you. Instead of thinking of ways to create the dog and pony show, find ways to do what you do even better. 

3. No Letdowns

As I mentioned in the last point, you don't want to have a letdown the weeks following Easter. When I was a lead pastor I would always start a sermon series on Easter. That day was only the beginning of the great things to come. Remember to invest and pour as much energy into the following weeks as you do Easter. When you have a major letdown the week after Easter, it can be a momentum killer and it could turn people off from coming back to your church. Do things with as much or more excellence as you did on Easter. The same resurrected Jesus we celebrate on Easter is alive and in us following the big day. The resurrection lives on, so have as much or more anticipation for the Sundays to follow. Easter shouldn't be just a one and done deal, let it catapult you to greater things in the weeks and months to come. 

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Jeremy Johnson