Why You Need a Fresh Set of Eyes

I recently did a Church Assessment for a church that has been plateauing for a while. One of the first things I noticed when I walked in the foyer of the church was a clear eyesore. It was a bookshelf with out of date magazines and random books. It was apparent that no one had touched this area in quite a while. When I finished the report, I mentioned it to the pastor and he hadn't noticed this area because in his eyes the eyesore had blended into the area. Most churches have their version of the bookshelf. It may be something that the leadership hasn't noticed but others might have, especially first time guests. It could also be something that you have noticed but don't know how to change, so you leave it alone and hope no one else notices. What we fail to realize is that everything matters when you are trying to make the Sunday experience excellent. 

Here are three things that a fresh set of eyes brings to your church:

1. Credibility

When you bring in a fresh set of eyes, you should bring in someone who has seen many environments and someone who knows what to look for at your church. The Ministry Mechanics provide that type of experience. We will look at your situation through the eyes of a first time guest. We will also look at it through the lens of the church's vision. This is important when assessing a Sunday experience. By bringing someone in from the outside, you bring an unbiased and open minded point of view into your church that will give you a very honest and accurate evaluation of where you are as a church.  

2. Clarity

A fresh set of eyes also provides clarity. You will discover some of the things that you need to add or subtract to enhance your church. It will provide a clear understanding for your team to make the necessary changes. An outside viewpoint will give you clear steps for growth. 

3. Creativity

These eyes will provide creative solutions to problems within the church. An outside source of creativity can be healthy for churches, especially smaller churches who unfortunately don't have the staff that can provide a mass pool of ideas. The Ministry Mechanics can become this source for creative solutions for your church. 

The misnomer of bringing in a consultant from the outside, is the assumption that there must be something wrong if you are bringing in a fresh set of eyes. Actually this couldn't be further from the truth. If you feel that your church is in a place of strength, our desire is to make it only stronger. We would love to partner with your church and the church assessment is the starting point for a great partnership. If you would like The Ministry Mechanics to be your fresh set of eyes, email us today at jeremy@theministrymechanics.com to schedule your church assessment. 

Jeremy Johnson