Staffing Solutions

One of our biggest strengths is helping great people connect to great churches. Part of a leadership team looking to hire a Lead Pastor? Looking for a Worship Pastor or Associate Pastor for your church? Let us do the leg work so you can focus all your energy on finding the right fit for your position. We'll get 50-100+ candidates to apply for the job and stay at it until we find the best candidates with the best qualifications.


1. Create the Profile

It all starts with developing a complete profile of the kind of leader you want for your organization. We'll help you craft a job description and put on paper the kinds of characteristics you're looking for in your candidate. We'll also spend lots of time with your leadership team, in person or on video conferencing, to get to know you and your church. The total timeline for an Associate Pastor hire is typically around 2-4 months. The total timeline for a Lead Pastor hire is typically around 3-6 months. (every situation is unique, so times may vary by experience)

2. Gather Resumes 

Once we have the profile, it's time to gather resumes. We'll get 50+ for Associate Pastor positions and 100+ for Lead Pastor positions from a host of sources. We'll forward all the resumes to your team. But, we'll recommend 5-10 of the best candidates to your team for evaluation, based on the profile. We'll evaluate every candidate and their qualifications through the filters developed from part 1. This process usually takes around 1-3 months, depending on the position (every situation is unique, so times may vary by experience).

3. Interview Candidates

We'll setup video interviews with the best 4 or 5 with your leadership team. We'll open the conversation with some specific questions and then open it up to your team. Once you've narrowed your choices down to 2, it's time for in-person interviews and background research. You'll fly the candidates in to spend time with them and check with their references. We'll provide a comprehensive background check for the final 2 candidates to assist in the decision. If you get to the final 2 and they aren't a good fit, we'll go back and keep looking until we find the right fit!

4. Make the Hire

Once you've prayed over and decided on a candidate, it's time to make the hire. We'll assist in getting the average salaries for similar positions in your city and the particular ministry position you're hiring. If you find out in the first 90 days that the new hire isn't a good fit, we'll get back to the drawing board and start again until we get it right.