Summer Support

So many pastors never take a weekend off. This isn't a good thing. What feels like a badge of honor is actually a huge negative for pastors, their families and their churches. It's time to take a weekend off! It's time for a vacation! It's time for some rest! It's time for some family time! We're launching our #SummerSupport to help you rest and recharge. From preaching to worship leading, we're ready to help you relax this summer. We'll honor your leadership and bring our best at your church. These spots will fill up fast. Don't wait! #BuildTheChurch #EquipTheLeader

Our team has over 40 years of ministry experience and we're ready to be a part of your team. We can fit into an existing sermon series or do a stand alone message. We can jump in an lead worship with or without tracks. Whatever you need, we're ready to serve! Here are some teaching examples for you to view. 

You'll be amazed what some time away will do for your vision and leadership. Taking regular breaks will do so much for your personal walk with Jesus, your family and your church. Don't put it off! Contact us today to schedule The Ministry Mechanics at your church this summer! #BuildTheChurch #EquipTheLeader