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What is a "Tune-Up" 

Tune-Ups are the way to begin a journey of growth and development for churches and their leaders. Tune-ups cover 2-4 specific topics ranging from church growth and systems to church planting and building a launch team. Each tune-up consists of about 10-20 people. Every organization can benefit from an outside perspective from time to time. Our team has over 40 years of combined ministry experience in tons of different environments. Best of all, tune-up topics are fully customizable for the unique needs of you and your team. Tune-ups are geared for church plants that are launching or existing churches ready to go to the next level. Just look for the icon that corresponds to the Tune-Up that fits your needs. 

Topics can include: Breaking Through Stereotypes, Leading Strong, Invite Culture, Worship Stage Presence, Security & Safety, First-Impressions Training, Culture Killers, and anything you need help with. 

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Ready to plant a church? You can bring your launch team and staff members for intense training to ensure they have the tools to help your church launch large!

Ready to get your church to the next level? Bring a team to a Tune-Up or host your own! Want to reimagine current programming or introduce something new? 


2018 Schedule Coming Soon